About Jules

Jules interview

Simply Google “custard shortage” for a taste of Jules’s inimitable campaigns for good local food: her tongue-in-cheek rant about the lack of custard in her home town set off a chain of media articles from the Guardian to the front-page of London’s Metro and even inspired a book from Penguin: “Whitstable Mum in Custard Shortage.’’

It also marked the start of local businesses grouping to defend their livelihoods against out-of-town superstores. 

Jules is a regular guest on local and national TV and radio and is influential beyond the airwaves, with a reach of 62,500.

The Radio

Jules’s deeply held passion for quality accessible ingredients is central to the SCOFF & QUAFF radio show.

So is her wide network of experts: guests have ranged from the likes of TV’s Michel Roux Junior to leading artisans and purveyors of champagne, whiskey, pies — edible insects.

SCOFF & QUAFF has become such an institution locally, it was the main show on BBC Radio Kent for a total of nine hours through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with Jules showcasing many of her favourite small food producers.

SCOFF & QUAFF is on Channel Radio where Jules often guests on Business Bunker, about small, local businesses.
Her audience is now global, (as said, from Philadelphia to Nigeria) as the shows are syndicated by an American radio company with huge reach.

Twitter & Social Media

Twitter has proved to be one of the social media with most participants and Jules reaches nearly 70,000 food and drink enthusiasts several times a day. 

This is a vastly successful marketing exercise in increasing brand awareness, with word-of-mouth type mentions informing and influencing a targeted audience.

Traditional PR

The traditional, tried and tested PR methods are not ignored. Press releases, photoshoots, interviews and placement are still used when appropriate in Jules’ quest to promote her clients.